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Kompong Dewa, One Stop Living That You Must Have in Cambodia

Kompong Dewa, One Stop Living That You Must Have in Cambodia

Dec 20, 2018

This One Stop Living project must be owned by anyone who wants to have a perfect life. Kompong Dewa, a resort that has everything you need in an integrated resort complex. From office towers, hotels, villas, state of the art spas, gym and sports building, exhibition hall and international health clinic, all are available for residents of Kompong Dewa. “The name Kompong Dewa itself has a meaning. The meaning is that this resort will be a good place. Kompong Dewa means that a place that always runs well occupied by the gods choosen people” said
Wong Robert, to the medias when interviewed at the gala dinner at Solitaire Hotel, Serpong.

Mr. Wong Robert is a Professional Casino Hotelier from Las Vegas who was recruited directly from Las Vegas, graduated from University of Nevada Las Vegas 20 years ago, and has deep contact with UNLV international gaming institute, spending many years in casino resort industry in various countries and gaming jurisdictions to handle the creation of this integrated cyber park resort. He said that Kompong Dewa’s initial budget of US $ 250 million will increase. The increase is resulted in increasing prices in construction materials and construction wages, because the construction sector in Sihanoukville is currently growing at a very rapid rate. However, foreign private investors have reserved US $ 100 million in extra support funds to complete Kompong Dewa project in the next three years. This addition is to offset other competitor projects in Sihanoukville that are all of international four to five star standard.

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