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Kompong Dewa apartment consists of two buildings, Rama tower with total 15 storeys and Shinta tower with total 13 storeys. Residents can choose from Studio type, 2 Bedrooms type or even 3 Bedrooms type according to their need. Every unit has a balcony equipped with secondary skin as shading device against the very bright and hot sun of Cambodia. This secondary skin will allow natural light while reducing solar heat.

15 minutes

Sihanoukville Autonomous Port

10 minutes

Sihanoukville international airport

10 minutes

Sihanoukville city

10 minutes

Sihanoukville economic zone

specifications – apartment

Floor to Floor: 315 cm
Floor Finishing
• Living Room: Homogenous Tile 60 x 60
• Bathroom: Homogenous Tile 60 x 60
• Bedroom: Homogenous Tile 60 x60
Wall Finishing
• Living Room:
Brickwall + Acrylic Emulsion Paint
• Bathroom:
Brickwall + Acrylic Homogenous Tile
• Bedroom:
Brickwall + Acrylic Emulsion Paint

Ceiling: Gypsum board + Acrylic Emulsion Paint
Door: Solid Wood
Pantry: Top Table Homogenous Tile
Sanitary: Ex. Grohe/Equal

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